Manual Road Work in Denpasar Bali

Manual roadwork is still very much the norm in Bali with large machinery not being widely available.

This photo above shows the laying of blocks to prevent land slippage. The end result depends on the skill of the laborer.

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Shop Under the Bright Lights in Denpasar

One of the first things you will notice when shopping in Denpasar is that most of the shops are bright and airy. There is considerable specialization and the shop shown in this photo mainly sells light covers and accessories.

Bali Shopping by Area: Where to Shop and What to Buy in Bali

Shopping in Bali

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Balinese People Love Ceremonies

The Balinese people love ceremonies as they are an integral part of their lives and beliefs.

The ceremonies are conducted with great enthusiasm and devotion.

The main Ceremonies are:

Galungan Ceremony



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Bali is an Island Paradise

Bali Indonesia is a very popular travel destination particularly for Australians.

The people of Bali and very friendly, honest and welcoming.  I would rate them as some of the nicest people in the world.

Let me share with you an example of their honesty.  One day I was walking in a main tourist area in Denpasar when my wallet fell out of my back pack as I was removing a cap.  I was not aware that my wallet had fallen to the ground until a young woman who picked it up tapped me on the shoulder and returned it to me.  Naturally I rewarded her for her honesty.  I was truly amazed at her honesty and kindness in returning it to me because it would have been very easy for her to keep it.

If you have never visited Bali then I encourage you to add it to your list of highly desirable holiday destinations.


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